About the Council

The Council's Purpose

The Council's purpose is to provide opportunities for young Australians involved in politics to study the political systems of other countries, as well as offering a unique insight into the Australian political system to young people from participating exchange countries.

The activities of the Council are funded through an annual appropriation to the Commonwealth Department of Finance. The Council also receives in-kind donations from organisations and individuals.

The Terms of Reference governing the Council's operations, and endorsed by the Principals of the Council, seek to:

  • arrange regular exchange visits for either individuals or groups of young people, drawn from the parties of the Principals, with the potential to make a significant contribution to political life, between Australia and other countries;
  • provide learning experiences through study tours of Australia for young political leaders from countries important to Australia for trade or strategic reasons;
  • arrange related activities which provide developmental opportunities for the rising generation of Australian and other political leaders; and
  • arrange for regular reporting on the Council's activities to Parliament, the Principals and sponsors.