About the Council

The Council develops young Australian political leaders by providing opportunities to gain insights into the political systems and cultures of countries with which the Council has established exchange program. It also offers delegates from participating countries a chance to learn about Australia and its political system and build enduring networks between young political leaders.

The Principals of the Australian Political Exchange Council are the parliamentary leaders of the four main political parties in the federal parliament. The Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition each nominate two Council Members and the Leader of The Nationals and Leader of the Australian Greens each nominate one Council Member. The Prime Minister also nominates an independent Chairman.


Council Activities

The Council sponsors regular political exchanges with a number of counterpart countries including the People's Republic of China, Japan, the Republic of Korea, New Zealand, the Philippines, the United States of America, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and Thailand. Individual study tours are also offered on an annual basis.



Since the commencement of the political exchange program in 1981, hundreds of young Australian political leaders have participated in the Council's programs. The Council has enjoyed the enthusiastic and active support of its alumni, who participate in, or assist with organising rich and diverse programs for incoming delegations.