Outgoing Delegations

Each year the Council considers delegate nominations put forward by the parties of the Principals. Nominees are young Australians considered by their respective parties to have the potential to make a significant contribution to political life.

Delegates must be Australian citizens, party members and between the age of 25 and 46. The Council has a preference for the age limit to be a maximum of 40 (with the exception of the exchange programme with the United States of America where the age limit must be 40).

To maximise developmental opportunities, delegations comprise a representative, broadly-based group of young Australian political leaders. Delegates are selected from a range of political backgrounds including:

  • members of federal and state parliaments;
  • party organisations, both professional and voluntary;
  • industry associations;
  • trade unions;
  • ministerial and electorate staff; and
  • local government representatives.

Nominations must be forwarded to the Council through political parties’ secretariats / nominated offices.